Baruch Emanuel Erdstein

is a talented guide, and storyteller in Safed, specializing in the history and teachings of Jewish mysticism, known as “Kabbalah”; providing personalized tours of Safed, activities, weekends and seminars for groups of all sizes and from all backgrounds.

Tours of the Old City of Safed

Explore the ancient synagogues, alleyways and hidden wisdom of this fabled mountain village, meeting some of Safed’s colorful characters along the way. Based on over ten years of study of classic Kabbalistic texts, Baruch Emanuel’s tours are designed to transmit the spirit and world-view of authentic Kabbalah, for which Safed is so famous. Both fun and informative for children and adults, his innovative teaching style incorporates parables, real-life stories, visual arts, local wine and cheese tasting - maybe even a chance on a potter’s wheel!

Hikes in the Northern Galilee

Travel the paths of the Jewish mystics in the beautiful hills of the Northern Galilee, including guided meditations and acquaintance with wild edibles and medicinal herbs.

Group Programs and Seminars

Enjoy evenings of live music, tales of the Kabbalists and Safed teachings; perfect for youth groups, seminaries, yeshivas, synagogues and family gatherings.

Home Hospitality

Baruch and his family invite you to join them in their home in the heart of the Old City of Safed for meals, music, storytelling and group discussions.

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